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I Got Free From My Addiction
I put off writing this review until 90 days after treatment to see how I really felt. I feel great and life is good after years of booze and pills. Im not even tempted. I went in very skeptical. I did not even know that addiction is actually a disease. Now I understand why I could not do it on my own. Thanks to Rehab In Chicago for the help.
, Chicago, USA Mar 10, 2012

Endless Thanks to Rehab In Chicago
This was like a University degree in understanding me and how not live the way I did! I had great individual therapy with the staff that has the funniest groups. Through the entire process we worked on a new life plan and now I am living it! My family are so happy. Me too! thanks from the bottom of my heart.
, Chicago Nov 3, 2011

Rehab In Chicago is not the first program I have been to. It is simply just the best. Other programs just did not work. Now I have my family back, my job back and a lifestyle that I lost with my drug and booze problems. I got lots of individual treatment with the therapists. And now, I'm living the way I wanted it to be - a Drug free life.
, Chicago, Illinois, USA Dec 29, 2011

Amazing Rehab
Rehab In Chicago is amazing. After going through here for some treatment programs, I am drug free and able to move on with my life again!
, Chicago, USA Jan 20, 2012

Great Facility, I Loved It
They spent lots of time to help me figure out myself. Other programs were all group therapy by therapists who seemed like "tape recorders". But here in Rehab In Chicago, I had my own bedroom and bathroom. The other places I have seen and been were like army living. The food was great and the staff really care! They were less expensive than the other places I considered too!
, Chicago, USA Feb 2, 2012

Rehab In Chicago is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.